About us

                   Playing the PIPES and hearing the DRUMS
                   Pipe tunes and drum rolls of historic songs
                   Right from the heart, so perfect it seems
                   Out of passion for music, I followed my DREAMS


My name is Rik Lievens and my passion for Scottish music started with Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney when I was a child. The pipes in the song swept me off my feet and started a fire within.

When growing up, I got more and more fascinated by the Scottish bagpipe tunes: I attended several performances and in 2010 I organized a whisky tasting in Ghent. The moderator played the pipes at the end of the tasting.  The once small fire now started raging. Fascination became passion.
In 2011 I finally started to play the pipes myself. From beginning to the present day I play with the For Freedom Pipes & Drums Knokke-Heist in Belgium,  a band that is  deep inside my heart and keeps that fire inside burning.

As music instrument and clothing manager of the band I searched many hours on the internet looking for the best prices. A new challenge started growing, why not start my own business and try to provide fellow pipers and drummers the best prices ?

And so it happened: On January 7th 2019 that dream came true and Pipes Drums & Dreams came to life.
Our motto is: Bagpipes, drums, clothes and accessories at a fair price. We want to offer you our quality products at a reasonable and fair price.

Hope to see you soon in our webshop!