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This is our cookie policy page, here you can find how we use on our website.


1/ Cookie policy :

Our website uses cookies to optimize working and your user experience.

By using our website you are expected to agree on our cookie policy.

If you do not wish to agree on our cookie policy we would like to ask you to no longer use our website.


2/ What are cookies :

Cookies are small (text-)files downloaded by your computer when you visit our website.

Cookies are resent with the next visit to our website or another website who recognizes the cookie.

Thanks to cookies a website can recognize your computer.

Cookies are used to have you navigated through pages in an efficient way, to remember your preferences, to enhance the general user experience or show you online adds that fit your profile.

For more info please go to : www.youronlinechoices.com


3/ what do we do with cookies :

We would like to start with confirming that your privacy is our highest priority and our cookies work in accordance with the current law.

We use following cookies :

– strictly necessary cookies :

These cookies are necessary to let our website work.

They allow you to log in and use a shopping cart.

– analytic/performance cookies :

These cookies analyze the way our website is used, which page is visited most, where problems occur, etc.

This allows us to improve our website and enhance your user experience.

– functional cookies :

These cookies are used to recognize individual users and save their preferences.

This allows us for example to remember your choice of language and other preferences you adjusted, so our website works with your preferences when you visit our website again.

– targeted cookies or ad cookies :

These cookies analyse your surfing behavior (on our and other websites) to show you advertisements who fit your interests and profile.

These are usually third party cookies (such as Google or Facebook) that collect this info and base their advertisements on it.

Our cookies in general expire automatically.

You can also divide cookies in the next categories :

– first party cookies :

These cookies come from our website. They arrange  and remember you preferences, language and shopping cart.

– third party :

These cookies come from other websites and are commonly used to track your online behavior when visiting websites. Cookies placed by example Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


4/ Which specific cookies do we use :

We use the next cookies :

  • com :

first party cookies

Purpose : to improve our website and user experience.

Data : your behaviour on our website, technical identification data, preferences, etc.

We do not save data which can lead to identification.

Validity : they contain session cookies which expire after closing the page, and permanent cookies which expire after 1 year.


Third party cookies :

Purpose : to analyze how you use our website, how you found us, which device you use, from where you are visiting our website, etc.

We have set Google analytics so we share data anonymously.

Type : analytic cookies and advertising cookies if your data is not anonymous shared with google.

Data : technical identification data and -behavior on our and other websites. We don’t have access to the collected data, only to resulting statistics.

Validity : they contain session cookies which expire after closing the page, and permanent cookies which expire after 2 years.


5/ How can you manage cookies yourself :

You can refuse our analytic-, advertising- and functionality cookies through our cookie settings.

Through your browser settings you can set which cookies you want to accept.

If you refuse analytic, functionality and/or strictly necessary cookies, there is a big chance certain parts of the website won’t work properly or won’t work at all.

How to set you cookie preferences in your browser you can find at :

Safari : https://support.apple.com/nl-be/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac   

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=nl&hlrm=en


Opera : https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies 

Internet Explorer : https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies  


6/ Changing our cookie policy :

We can change our cookie policy anytime.

If we do so, you will be informed through our cookie banner on your first visit after the changes are applied.


7/ Copyright and quality label :

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