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We are Pipes Drums & Dreams.

Our privacy policy explains how we process your personal data and respect your privacy.


1/ Which data do we collect  :

  1. Your contact data.
  2. Technical information :

         IP-address or use of operating system when you use our website or app.

  1. How you surf on our website, how many times you visit, how long you stay, where you click on.
  2. Billing and payment data, when an amount is charged.
  3. In case you are a business partner or business client we might ask information about your financial credibility.
  4. Correspondence you have with us.
  5. All information you provide us or fill in on our website.
  6. In case you are a contact person with a prospect business partner to whom we would like to introduce ourselves by e-mail or phone, we can collect you name, function, work phone number and professional email address.


2/ How do we collect your data :

We process personal data that is :

  • Gathered through contact with you
  • Supplied by you so we can provide you our services
  • Gathered by us when you use our services

Mainly we collect your data when you :

  • Use our website
  • When you communicate with us
  • When you use our services
  • Through public sources and social media on the internet


3/ How do we use your personal data :

In order to provide you our service to :

– state which products or services we delivered to you.

– evaluate and improve our service to your personal needs.

– be able to give you support whenever necessary.

 To be able to communicate :

  • With you when you pose a question
  • To improve our website
  • Send information about our services or products, when you subscribe to our website and newsletter
  • To determine your profile and offer you targeted promotions

 Concerning our website to :

  • improve, present and personalize our website
  • display targeted messages on our website
  • evaluate our website and enhance our performance


4/ On which legal grounds do we process your personal data :

We process your personal data strictly in accordance with the ruling privacy laws and especially based on following legal grounds :

 1/ Performing our agreement :

Some data are necessary to exploit so we can provide our services or pursue our obligations, to be able to communicate with you prior to our agreement and investigate the credibility of our contract.

For example :

We need your contact data to establish a contract or have the goods delivered at your address.

We need your email address to keep you updated on your order, to provide you the invoice and the delivery of your order.

 2/ Legal obligation :

In some cases we are obliged to process your personal data.

For example :

When we need to send you the invoice, which contains our obligated information such our legal address, VAT number, …..

 3/ Legitimate interest :

As a customer, user or business partner we can provide you on legitimate interest targeted information and newsletters, unless you unsubscribe.

 4/ Permission :

We can process your personal data when you give us your explicit agreement.

For example :

When subscribe for our newsletter or targeted offers (direct marketing).


5/ Which third party processes your personal data :

We rely on companies who will process your personal data but are not allowed to use them their selves, such as :

  • the company who hosts our website and data
  • analyse our website
  • e-mailing
  • couriers

6/ How do we protect your personal data :

We protect your personal data by technical and organizational safety precautions, such as :

  • technical security measures (password policy – firewall – anti virus software – …)
  • when we process your personal data based on legitimate interest we will make an assessment to be sure we have the right and legitimate interest. This way we guarantee a well balanced processing of your personal data in accordance with privacy laws.


7/ Where do we process your personal data :

The personal data you provide us are saved on :

  1. Our servers and computers we use within the European Community.
  2. Systems of third parties who process the data. We choose as much as possible for processing within the EU. Although some of our service providers process data are outside the EU. In this case we insist on the best fitting safety level.

By providing your personal data to us you agree to our policies and processing of your personal data.


8/ You control and decide on your personal data :

You can decide not to share your personal data with us.

When you choose so, you will still be able to use parts of our website.

You won’t be able to use parts of our website where we need to know who you are, or for example where you have to pay, or  parts where you need to log in.

We need to be able to process your personal data, as long as you use our services. 

You can ask us not to use your personal data for marketing purposes.

When you receive marketing information from us you can always unsubscribe through :


9/ Rights on your personal data :

You can e-mail us at manager@pipesdrumsanddreams.com.

Within the legal limits, you are entitled with access to your personal data that we keep.

This grants you the right to request for more information about :

  • the categories of personal data we keep
  • the purposes we use your data for
  • the third parties who we provide your personal data
  • which period of time we keep your data and on which criteria this period is based.
  • other rights you can exercise about your personal data.

 We will provide you the demanded information within 30 days after receiving your question, unless we would violate the rights of others.

In this case we will inform you by e-mail of these reason(s).

 You can change your (incorrect) personal data in our preference center or by e-mailing us at : manager@pipesdrumsanddreams.com

 You can resist to the fact we use your personal data for profiling or automated decision taking.

We can use your personal data for useful targeted information or offers.

Third party service providers who advertise on our website can use your personal data (kept with us or collected elsewhere) to show you targeted publicity.

Within the legal terms you have the right to take your personal data with you.

We can deliver your personal data by email or file.

We will only deliver the data you are entitled to.

In case there is data you request but we can not provide, we will inform you by email.

 Data which are no longer useful for our services, will be deleted.


10/ Who are we :

Pipes Drums & Dreams

Eindeken 45

9970  Kaprijke


Belgian business registration N° : 0717.623.321

Belgian VAT N° : BE 0717.623.321


11/ How can you reach us :

Data Protection Officer :  Rik Lievens (Owner/manager)


+32 492 58 21 08

Contact form on our website


12/ How long do we keep your personal data :

Data of inactive accounts is kept no longer than 2 months.

Data of active accounts is kept no longer than 6 months starting after the last day of activity.

In other cases your personal data won’t be kept longer than the legal obligation or in lack of them, no longer than the justified reason for us to process your data and provide you the necessary service.

These  periods of time do not limit your right to be forgotten, as guaranteed by the privacy law.


13/ At anytime you have the right to file a complaint :

If you have the opinion that we don’t use your personal data correctly, you can file a complaint at any time.

We look forward to hear from you about what problems you discovered.

This gives us the opportunity to investigate, and correct if necessary, how we handle your personal data and adjust our privacy policy if necessary.

It is your right also to file a complaint at the Belgian privacy committee at :



14/ We might use cookies, pixels en other tracking technologies :

We might use tracking  technologies :

1/ to guarantee and improve the users quality of our website

2/ to recognize you

3/ to show you targeted adds

4/ to allow you to share our content through social media.

5/ for general purposes.

Read all about it in our Cookie policy.


15/ Other applicable conditions :

This privacy policy is our guideline on how we process your personal data.

Other conditions that are also applicable :

1/  the sales of our products : general sales/delivery conditions

2/  use of our application : general use conditions

3/ use of our website : website disclaimer


16/ Changing our privacy policy :

Our privacy policy can be adjusted at anytime by us, within the legal regulations.

If so you will be notified by us either by email or notification on our website.


 17/ Copyright and quality label :

This document was built with help from :  Myprivacyspecialist.com

The usage licence was directly admitted to the direct receiver of it.

Visit myprivacyspecialist.com if you recuire more advice and templates to comply with the GDPR regulations.

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