Terms & Conditions

Please read our product terms & conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the Belgian law .

Pipes Drums & Dreams strives 100% for your satisfaction as a customer.

We try to provide a fast, friendly and helpful service.

 If there is any issue to your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com .

We will seek the best option possible to help you in any way we can.


Pipes Drums & Dreams will be called hereafter as “Seller”, the customer (private or professional) will be called hereafter as “Buyer”.


1/ Website :

The seller’s website is at the disposal of the “buyer”.

Feel free to search through our website and see if we have the desired good(s) you are looking for.

If you do not find what you seek, feel free to contact us by e-mail at sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com or use the contact form on our website.

We will answer your questions asap and give you our best price for your desired good(s).


2/ Products & Prices :

All prices stated on the website of Pipes Drums & Dreams include the Belgian VAT of 21% and shipping charges not included.

If it would occur that an item appears with a price out of the ordinary (for example exceptionally high), please contact us at sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com and inform us.

Mistakes can always happen and we will appreciate your help.

Sometimes for marketing purposes extra items are added to the picture to give you an idea of how the good(s) will look, appear, size, etc

These extra items are not included in the price.

In most cases it will be stated in the item description that items used for displaying are not included in the price.

However if it would occur that we forgot to write it in the item explanation, that items used for displaying are not included in the price, the buyer can NOT claim the items used for displaying.

Sold goods are described in the item header and only good(s) described in the item header are applicable on the sold item.


All our items are subject to availability.

When item(s) you order are out of stock we will inform you asap by email or phone.


We try to have truthful pictures of all items on our website.

Sometimes, for example color, size, etc., may vary due to changes applied by the manufacturer or displaying on your device screen.

The “seller” can not be held responsible for these kind of deviations.


3/ Payment :

Our used payment methods can be found when you go through check out.

Bank transfer is also possible and if required, please contact us at sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com , Details will be arranged in personal communication by email.

If you come to collect your ordered goods at our address or if we personally deliver your ordered item(s), you can also pay in cash on delivery.

When ordering good(s) through our website, this can only be finalized if you agree to our terms & conditions.

When you order and pay outside our website, your payment is your statement that you accept our terms & conditions.


 4/ Time schedule for orders :

Ordered goods are normally sent within 7 days after the “seller” received the” buyer’s” payment for the ordered item(s).

Delays may occur if we are extremely busy or if the product you order got out of stock.

If our dispatching time is exceeding 7 days, we will inform you by e-mail.

When a product is out of stock we are depending on our supplier and can’t give an exact time schedule for delivery. We will keep you updated by e-mail or phone if your ordered good(s) is/are out of stock.

Your ordered items will be sent out asap when received from our supplier, keeping you updated by e-mail or phone.


5/ Shipment costs :

When going through check out, you are able to state your country.

The shipping charges will appear.

Shipping charges depend on size of the ordered good(s) and country we have to ship to.

We use fixed (also called flat) rates.


6/ Data needed for shipment :

On our check out page you need to fill in your personal data.

If you want to read how we handle your personal data please read our “privacy policy”.

We need your personal data to be able to ship your ordered items.


7/ Order cancellations :

According to ‘Distance Selling Regulations” you have the right as buyer to cancel your order purchased with Pipes Drums & dreams within 7 working days after the day you received your order from Pipes Drums & Dreams.

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us at : sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com.

 When you already received your order, you will need to send it back to us. For further details on our return policy please check column nr. 8 – Return & exchange policy.


 8/ Return & exchange policy :

When you would like to exchange because the size or color of an ordered item is not at your preference, please contact us at sales@pipesdrumsanddreams.com .

We will provide you the costs by e-mail or phone to make the exchange.

Sending the item back to our address is at cost of the “buyer”.


When returning a cancelled and already received order, the return shipping cost is at expense of the “buyer”.

The item(s) need(s) to be sent to :

Pipes Drums & Dreams

Eindeken  45

9970   Kaprijke


We will refund the amount of the item(s) returned, within 15 working days after receiving the item(s).

The shipping cost, payed for sending the item to the “buyer”, are never refundable.

The return goods must be in its original packaging.

Packaging(s) and item(s) must be in perfect condition.


When an order is cancelled and not yet dispatched, a full refund (shipping costs included) is possible if the shipping costs have not been payed to the shipping services yet.

If the item(s) has/ have already been announced – payment has been done to the shipping services and the payment is not refundable by the shipping services – the “buyer” will only have a refund on the price of the cancelled item(s).


Items which are custom ordered and custom made, can NOT be returned.

For example a feather bonnet, etc.


 9/ Place of jurisdiction :

The sellers place will be the sole place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes for all sales between “buyer” and “seller”.