Quality Piper’s Crossbelt

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This quality piper’s crossbelt is made of 100% black 4mm thick leather and solid buckles.

The belt is 6,8cm wide (approx. 2,75 inches)  and  stitched with strong yarn.


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The piper’s crossbelt is made of 100% black 4 mm thick leather. .

The belt is 1,5 m (approx. 60 inches) long and 6,8 cm wide (approx. 2,7 inches)  , stitched with strong yarn and is fitted to wear the dress basket hilt sword.

The buckle , slide bar and belt tip are solid and nickle plated with a thistle design.

The belt comes in 1 size and can be fully adjusted to your size.

The belt tip is mounted with 3 small screw bolts for easy adjustement and fixation.





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